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As with all items from George Bryan Jewellers our gift vouchers come with 31 day returns. Any unspent balance will remain on your voucher which has no expiry date.

To purchase choose the amount in total that the voucher is to come to - add multiple different amounts to your basket to make the total needed, we will issue a single voucher for the entire amount. 

Example - a gift voucher for €1080.00 is required.
Add to cart:
1 x €1,000.00
1 x €50.00
4 x €10.00
purchase all. A gift voucher of €1,080.00 will be sent.

The voucher will be sent to the address inputted with payment. If you would like it sent directly to the recipient please add their address into the comment section that pops up during the payment process.
You can also add a personalised message at that point for them.

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